What is the Virtual Y?

The Virtual Y is the YMCA of Central New York's Virtual YMCA branch. This members-only experience for fitness, arts, well being, learning, and virtual social interaction is broadcast from our branches to everywhere the internet reaches. The Virtual Y offers many of the same experiences of a brick-and-mortar Y, but from the convenience of your home or wherever you happen to be.

The Virtual Y currently offers LIVE hybrid virtual fitness classes seven days a week, a 24/7 On Demand video library, virtual seminars and events, virtual wellness programs, creative writing classes and programs, and more!

We are growing and expanding, and look forward to serving you 24/7 for many years to come! Log on and check it out. 

We have answers to many of your questions below.

Please contact your branch if your question is not addressed here!

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What live fitness classes are you offering on Virtual Y?

We are currently streaming 45+ LIVE hybrid fitness classes from our East group exercise hybrid studio located in the East Family YMCA in Fayetteville, NY and Mind/Body hybrid studio located in the Northwest Family YMCA in Baldwinsville, NY. 

You can view a pdf of our current Hybrid Virtual Y Schedules our schedules page or on the Virtual Y public landing page. You can always view our full calendar of events, classes, and more by clicking the "Schedule" icon once logged into the members only section of the Virtual Y. You can also pick up hard copy schedules at any physical YMCA of Central New York branch. 

Do I need to download any programs or apps to take LIVE hybrid classes?

To log on to Virtual Y classes or events, please log into the Virtual Y website and select the event you want to join from the LIVE calendar. 

Most of our virtual classes, events, and programs use Zoom as our connection platform.

We suggest users download the Zoom app and sign up for a free account for the best user experience. However, you can also join all of our Zoom-based events or classes from your browser. 

Who can access Virtual Y?

Virtual Y is for ALL YMCA of Central New York active members. Virtual Y is included in membership at no additional charge. Non-members are not able to access the Virtual Y platform.

How can I access Virtual Y?

Visit ymcacny.org/virtualy or our new App  to login. This members-only experience will be accessible from our website by using your YMCA of CNY membership and online account. 

I can’t log in because I’m having issues with my password.

You’ll need to set your password the first time you log in, and we’re happy to help. The easiest way to set or reset your password is to contact your primary branch. We’ll send you a link to reset it. Once you set your new password, please return to ymcacny.org/virtualy to log in.

If you are feeling computer savvy and would like to try on your own first, please follow these steps to set your new password:

  • Visit https://ymcacny.org/myaccount. Please enter the email associated with your YMCA account, and click “Submit.”
  • On the next screen, please click on the blue “Forgot Password” link.
  • On the next screen, please click the blue link that says “Email me a password reset link.” Please DO NOT select the one-time code option or click “Submit.”
  • Please check your email. If you do not see the email, please check your junk or spam folders. Follow the link in the email to set the new password.
  • Once you set your new password, please return to ymcacny.org/virtualy to log in.
I’m having problems with the Virtual Y and I don’t know why.

We’re happy to help!

Please contact your branch with your full name and a brief description of what is happening. They will help with your issue or direct the problem to the right place to be solved.

Is Virtual Y a separate membership?

No. The Virtual Y is a part of the YMCA of Central New York membership.

Is there a digital-only/Virtual Y-only Membership option at YMCA of Central New York?

Not at this time. Virtual Y is a part of our YMCA of Central New York membership. 

What kinds of safety measures do you have in place for live hybrid fitness classes?

We understand that safety is an important concern for all of our members. We have carefully designed this system with this in mind. Here are some of the steps we've taken:

  1. All Hybrid/Virtual Group Ex classes are available to active YMCA of Central New York members only.
  2. Links to the virtual classes are only available in the Virtual Y platform. Members must log in with their YMCA of Central New York credentials.
  3. Classes will not be regularly recorded. In the event that we do record a class for training or quality control, you will be notified in advance. 
  4. The hybrid studios have been designed with large monitors that show exactly what is being captured by the camera and transmitted via livestream. If members do not wish to be seen on the camera, they can choose a spot in the room where they are not visible on the monitors. 
  5. The cameras are focused on the instructors teaching the classes, and do not capture the entire room. The only microphones in the room are the ones the instructors are wearing, and will not pick up member conversations (unless you are speaking very closely to the instructor when the mic is on). 
I'm using Internet Explorer. Why isn't Virtual Y working?

The video player that powers Virtual Y, YouTube, no longer supports Internet Explorer. Please use a different web browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox).

What virtual programs do you have for kids?

Check out the "Kids & Family" category for art, creativity, and movement videos made by Y friends from CNY and across North America! 

How do I find out about other hybrid or virtual programs?

Please check out Virtual Y Calendar (only available on the Virtual Y site), our association wide calendar, and follow us on social media! 

Can I watch the Virtual Y on my TV?

Yes! If you have a smart TV and compatible devices, you can cast your phone, tablet, or computer to your television. 

Please consult your users manual, the internet, or a tech savvy friend to help you get this set up in your home. We recommend searching "how to connect my phone, tablet, or laptop to my smart tv," and then navigate until you find instructions that work for you and your devices. 

Are all of the branches going hybrid?

At this time, our three hybrid studios are located in the East Group Ex studio, the Northwest Mind/Body studio, and the Downtown Shinder Theatre. These are the only rooms that have the capacity to broadcast live classes and events. 

All of our Downtown Writer's Center readings and many of their classes are already hybrid. We also already have many hybrid group exercise classes up and running on the Virtual Y. 

Additionally, all of our branches are currently capable of watching Virtual Y classes and events. More on this coming soon!