Personal Training

Partner with one of our nationally certified personal trainers to reach your health goals. Our personal trainers will create a personalized program that will help you build an effective health and wellness routine that meets your needs. They specialize in a variety of training styles, including:

  • General personal training
  • Sport-specific personal training
  • Weight loss
  • Adaptive training
  • Personal training for seniors
  • Personal training for medical conditions


Individual - 30 Minutes
Per Session Rate: $45/session
*Month-to-Month: $80 base fee. $25/additional session


Individual - 60 Minutes
Per Session Rate: $60/session
*Month-to-Month: $125 base fee. $40/additional session
*NOTE: Minimum of 3 sessions/month. Additional sessions will be charged the per session rate and billed to the next month's draft.


Virtual Training Available

With Virtual Training you will receive the standard 3 sessions a month plus a check-in session for each training session to help you continue to meet your goals from home. You'll be able to choose from live training sessions to a workout routine prescribed by your trainer to do on your own time.


Small Group Programming

Combine the energy of a group exercise class with the individual attention of personal training! Led by a certified instructor and/or personal trainer, these programs are specifically designed to help you reach a specific goal, learn/perfect a technique, or experience specialized equipment. Programs vary by branch, but some examples are:

  • TRX Suspension Training - Taught by a certified personal trainer, this total body workout activates all of your muscles using body weight, gravity and resistance. Build strength, mobility, and endurance in this 6-week class.
  • Y-FIT - This program will target every aspect of fitness! Led by a certified personal trainer, no class or workout is ever the same. Continuously challenge your body to adapt and progress in this unique 6-week class.
  • Boxing - Led by a USA Boxing Instructor, join in on this fun, challenging, and competitive cardio workout. Learn proper boxing technique while practicing mitt and heavy bag punching drills.
  • Strength in Women - Designed to assist women in the use of free-weights and select training equipment, this program helps strengthen your body and sense of community! Join like-minded women in a journey to improved health and weight room confidence.
  • Intro to Strength - Unsure of where to start on your strength journey? Join an Intro to Strength small group to be introduced, or reintroduced, to proper strength training. Learn how to correctly structure a strength training regime over this 6-week class while also focusing on proper technique and form.

Specialty Fitness

At the YMCA of Central New York, we offer the latest technology to help you reach your health and wellness goals. Each of our branches has unique offerings that, as a member of any of our branches, you have complete access to! Some of these assets include:

  • Hotworx - Step into the Hotworx sauna to take a virtual exercise class while experiencing the many benefits of infrared heat absorption. Individual sessions and packages available! Register HERE
  • InBody - The InBody is a body composition analyzer that will provide you with information including your percentage of body fat, muscle distribution, body water balance, and your basal metabolic rate. Help track your fitness progress with an InBody Test. Register HERE