The BYMOC Strategy ensures equitable outcomes for boys and young men of color ages 11-17 by removing systemic barriers, providing relevant services and support systems, and creating nurturing environments that promote confidence and growth. 

Our goal is to uplift and empower.

Are you an 11-17 year old young man of color who is interested in gaining some work experience and sharing your talents with others? Join our BYMOC Village and step into your power.

We aim to provide young men of color the opportunity to thrive by providing monthly group check-ins where we celebrate success and dive into a life skill topic that will prepare you for your future. In partnership with the 100 Black Men of Syracuse and Building Men, we provide mentorship through the school year, a YMCA membership, academic support through our Achievers program, bus passes, stipend-based internships, advocacy opportunities, and connections to HBCUs. 

The support and advocacy of caring, reliable adults coupled with purposeful strategies will inspire and transform participants, equipping them with the tools they need to overcome obstacles. 

We are working to create a culture of care that believes in boys and young men of color and expects to see great things from them.