If you’re training for a triathlon in Central New York - swimming, bicycling and running - you need to get to the YMCA. We have the most comprehensive training facilities, widest variety of programs and best coaches in Central New York.

Need help with motivation? We have that too. Our supportive triathlon community - people like you - are ready to help you through the ups and downs of training.

Triathlon Training with the YMCA of Central New York

  • Triathlon Training is very different than individual sport or general fitness training. Integrating three disciplines, proper strength and mobility training, along with work and family obligations can be a daunting task.
  • We can deliver proper and safe training through education, guidance and communication, helping participants reach their individual goals within a group setting.
  • While this program is structured to form training groups, sufficient attention can be given to provide for an individualized training experience. This is an important and unique feature that only the YMCA can provide!
  • Your customized wellness program will be set up to meet your wellness goals under the safety guidelines established by your physician and/or physical therapist.

8-Week and 10-Week Training Programs for Local Races
A beginner/Intermediate Triathlon program designed to introduce participants to basic training concepts for optimal fitness & development. Athletes will practice all three disciplines with a USAT Level 1 Tri Coach.

Swim Academy
Building your swim endurance while working on technique. This class is designed to improve your cardio output for a  longer stronger swim.

Fall & Winter Maintenance Classes
Off season triathlon training provides excellent opportunity to improve on key areas and dramatically improve your race performances. Join us to improve swim technique and your power-to-weight ratio, as well as strength train & maintain your run and cycle base.


  • Open Water Swims
  • Group Ride/Runs
  • Lectures on Transitions, Nutrition and Tire-Changing
  • Access to CompuTrainer Classes/Bike Testing
  • Tri Endurance Classes
  • Stroke Classes
  • Fall and Winter Maintenance Classes
  • 8 and 10 Week Training Programs
  • for Local Races
  • Access to 6 YMCA Branches and 4 Pools


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