A Commitment to Empower Youth Through Y-USAs Pledge for Black and Brown Communities

We are continually working to find ways to better support and uplift more of our community at the YMCA of Central New York. As we celebrate Black History Month this February, our local Y is honored to take part in a recent commitment made by the YMCA African American CEO Network in partnership with the YMCA Hispanic and Latino CEO Network to support Black and Brown youth across the nation.  

The new commitment is to engage at least 100,000 Black and Brown youth across the country annually through existing Y programs, including Power Scholars, the Y Achievers program, Youth and Government, Leaders Club and the Boys and Young Men of Color initiative. These programs all give youth a path to brighter futures and provide them with the tools and knowledge that they need to thrive. This is especially important when it comes to creating opportunities that will put young people on the path to economic stability.  

While we know that all children and teens have needs, we also recognize that there is always more work that can be done to support Black and Hispanic students in our country and locally, which is why this effort is even more meaningful. According to recent data from the U.S. Education Department, Black and Hispanic students have less access to education options than white students do. It is imperative that youth-serving organizations like us work with key partners to right these wrongs and change that statistic.  

What is most exciting about this commitment is that it empowers us to act locally while working with Ys across the nation toward a common goal. Here at the YMCA of Central New York, we have been fortunate to see the transformative power of Y programs on youth of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds.  

Along with our Power Scholars Academy, Y Achievers program, Youth and Government, Leaders Club, and the Boys and Young Men of Color initiative programming, we will also be launching “Y on the Fly” this spring. Thanks to support from Micron, the Y on the Fly van will bring vital programming and opportunities directly into neighborhoods to meet kids where they live.

We are eager to see the progress that lies ahead, and the role that the YMCA of Central New York can play in it in our community. This commitment is a testament to the ongoing efforts of Ys across the country in addressing the unique needs of Black and Brown youth. It serves as a positive step towards achieving better outcomes and marks an exciting era in our mission to create positive change. We look forward to working together to create brighter futures for all our kids!

Josh Royce
President & CEO
YMCA of Central New York 

Locations: Metro Offices
Category: Y News