We believe that investing in our kids, our health and our neighbors makes all of us stronger. If you believe in the work we're doing today, you can be an integral part of our future by including a charitable gift within your overall estate and financial plans. With a little planning, you can make a big difference for years to come.

Heritage Club

For members of the Heritage Club, a charitable bequest or other estate gift to the YMCA of Central New York has been a perfect way to pass on their family's values and insure the Y will be here to serve other families for many years to come. The lasting impact of estate gifts has helped make the Y what it is today.

The Bitz Family
Raymond D’Agostino
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fiske
Mr. Robert Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Frye
Cynthia Dowd Greene and Mark Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Burnett D. Haylor
Mr. Richard Hallberg
Ann and David Horan
Ms. Evelyn Klink
Mr. Joseph Lamanna
Mary and Tom Lane
Ms. Anne G. Lloyd
Robert Penney
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Pond
Maggie Reid
George and Rita Soufleris
Mr. Charles S. Togias
C. Bruce Wichmann
Hal Welsh