A Typical Day at Camp Evergreen

The following is an example of a typical day of camp. Itinerary is subject to change. 

7:00am - Beginning of AM Extended Care
8:40am - Drop Off Begins/Buses Begin to Arrive
9:05am - Council Ring
9:15am - Transition to First Period/Drop Stuff at Pavilion as needed
9:25am - First Period
10:20am - Second Period
11:15am - Third Period
12:00pm - Lunch
12:30pm - Clean Up and Quiet Activities in Pavilion
12:50pm - Fourth Period
1:45pm - Fifth Period
2:30pm - Sixth Period
3:25pm - End of Day Announcements and Reminders at Pavilions
3:40pm - Pick Up Begins/PM Extended Care begins
4:20pm - Pick Up Ends
6:00pm - PM Extended Care ends/Day is Done


Sample Activities During Period Times

Activity List doesn't guarantee participation or number of times to participate. 

Opportunities for your campers group to come together through teambuilding and personal challenge 

Learn how to shoot a bow and arrow and move into more difficult shooting as group advances  

Arts and Crafts
Drawing/Painting/Clay/Tye-Dye/Beads/Boondoggle/ Paper Mache/Whatever Imagination Can Create  

Jump in a canoe, kayak, or row boat and enjoy some time on Evergreen Lake 

The natural world is out there to explore! Learn some of the ways we can interact with that natural world and how we should protect it!  

Group Time
A chance for your campers counselor to play a game planned just for their group.  

Camp Evergreen is a hiking camp. We have lots of great destinations to hike to and enjoy a great time in nature!  

Come on down to the ranch and take care of our horses. As they get more comfortable with your campers, the riding begins!  

Soccer to kickball. Field games to Basketball. Running around and being active is the name of the game!  

Survival Skills
Want to be out in the wild, we will help prepare you. Fishing, Shelter building, and learning to live off the land!  

Swimming in the Lake or in the Pool!  

The Performance side of art! Drama, Singing, Improv, and fun!