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Camp Staff

Staff are selected on the basis of their maturity, skill level and enthusiasm working with children. Many are camper alumni. Program Specialists are college students and graduates with skills in their specific program areas. Counselors are college and high school students with previous camp or child care experience.

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C.I.T. Program

The Counselor-in-Training (C.I.T.) program is designed to develop leadership skills in young people completing the 9th grade. C.I.T. applicants must be 15 years of age and/or completing the 9th grade. Our C.I.T. program is a volunteer based program.

The CIT Program is the first step in an individual's transition from camper to a potential staff member. We take pride in helping youth develop the necessary skills through interactive training, team building activities, and hands-on learning experiences. The goal of our program is to help CIT's develop a positive work ethic that they can apply to any leadership experience in the future.

CIT's will have the chance to shadow actual counselors, plan and facilitate activities and participate in nearly every aspect of camp. We will be accepting applications for teens that are 15 and older and/ or have completed the 9th grade. CIT's will be selected based on maturity, enthusiasm and a desire to be a future leader at camp.

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