Making memories since 1933...

Progressing and maintaining the friendships and memories made since 1933, the Alumni Association strives to actively enrich the Evergreen community by attending events, leading service projects, and participating in volunteer efforts. We look to strengthen the Alumni connection to Camp Evergreen, and contribute to traditions both old and new. Furthering the core values of the YMCA, the Alumni Association is committed to strengthening the mind, body, and spirit of all members, and all we serve. 

Camp Evergreen History

Camp Evergreen began in 1933 as an all boys camp in rural and sparsely populated Manlius, NY. The camp had a modest enrollment, few buildings, yet featured many of the same activities that continue today (swimming, hiking, archery, nature study, arts and crafts, horseback riding.) The camp consisted of three units (Bucks, Warriors, and Sachems) grouped by age. The Bucks were the youngest, with the Sachems living up to their name as the oldest bunch and the Warriors were in the middle.

By the second half of the century, the camp rapidly grew in enrollment and programs. In the early 1970's, the camp became co-ed and the three featured units became the Tonawehs (Junipers), Oyanehs (Sycamores), and Sachems (Redwoods). The camp saw the construction of four pavilions, a donated caboose (1968) an administrative building (1981), and an inground swimming pool (1988), an adventure course (1991), and a climbing wall (2000) among its many new additions. At the turn of the century, we witnessed the beginning of the Braves (Sprouts) and Tioga (Alders) programs (to bring the unit total to five) and the introduction of new programs such as the Y-Arts Camp.

Along the way, Camp Evergreen has built on a strong foundation of tradition that gives a unique camp experience to every camper that passes through our gates. Anyone who has ever owned a bear claw from a Camp Evergreen overnight, is able to share tales of the Frog Man or counts the days until our next annual Gold Rush or Carnival Night, can attest to this. As we look to the future, we strive to continue adding new and exciting facilities and programs for our campers to enjoy.

In January 2021, the camp's name was changed from "Camp Iroquois" to Camp Evergreen, in reference to Lake Evergreen- the camp's most prominent feature. This change was made after a long reflection on the history of the misappropriation of indigenous culture. View the association's statement on the name change here