Youth Facility Policy

The YMCA of Central New York has a standardized system for monitoring youth in our facilities. We do expect parents to always be responsible for their children.

We need your support in ensuring that youth ages 17 and younger will:  

• Accept directions from Y staff.  

• Show courtesy and respect for others while at the Y.  

• Not use offensive/hurtful language anywhere within the Y.  

• Take care of facility and equipment. 

Please remember that youth ages 12 and under must be accompanied at our facilities by a parent or guardian aged 18 or older. They must always remain with a parent or guardian unless registered and participating in a program or class. Youth ages 12 and under will be able to receive a member key tag when they turn 13.

The YMCA does provide additional supervision as needed in areas of our facilities and/or activities where youth of differing ages are mixed but that will vary by location. Please be aware that this facility age policy may be altered by the YMCA of Central New York at our discretion without prior notification.

The YMCA of Central New York works to identify which youth are utilizing our facilities and/or program sites daily to assist us with youth safety. This is done by program attendance or scanning into the membership database upon entering the YMCA.