Pool Update for June 2

To our Hal Welsh East Area Family branch members:

As you may know, a power outage in Fayetteville impacted our facility on Tuesday, May 31st. That outage resulted in an electrical issue that caused a small fire in an exhaust fan. That meant that we needed to close the building for the evening to allow National Grid to assess the situation so we could reopen safely on Wednesday.

The outage has also impacted our HVAC units, which means we are not able to dehumidify and cool our pool area or our wellness center. We made the decision to close the pool area for today to ensure the safety of our staff and members due to the elevated temperatures. We are currently investigating the timeline for when we can safely reopen the pool area. We also understand that the warmer temperatures make the wellness center uncomfortable and potentially unsafe for some members.

Here is what we know right now:

  • Our pool area will be closed again tomorrow, Thursday 6/2.
  • The system that controls our HVAC units is not communicating correctly due to this outage. A part that should address this is being delivered tomorrow. We hope that it will be installed and fixed by the end of the day tomorrow, allowing us to reopen the pool area.
  • We may need to keep our pool area closed longer if this part does not fix the issue and we need to completely replace our controllers.  

We understand this is frustrating news, especially during the warm weather, and share your concerns.  

We will keep you up to date on the latest information regarding the work that is being done and the timelines for the pool area to reopen. Updates will be shared via email and our Facebook page so you can plan your visits to the Y.  

We also invite you to visit pools at our branches in Liverpool, Baldwinsville, and Downtown Syracuse during this time. Your Y membership provides access to all programming and facilities in our Central New York association.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we work through this delay in our services to you.