Online Registration Instructions for Camp

Kids and Camp Counselor play with a parachute

Click here for a Visual Registration Guide

Register Online for YMCA of Central New York summer camps

  1. Sign into your account
    1. If you are a YMCA of Central New York member, log in to your account or follow the steps to find your account.
    2. If you have not been a YMCA of Central New York member, you will need to create an online account, click here for your directions.
  2. Click the "Programs" icon with the picture of a basketball.
  3. Click the "Summer Camp" category
  4. Filter by Location
  5. Under "Programs that Matched Your Search", click on the appropriate camp name
  6. Click on the weeks you would like to register for
  7. Click "Register"
  8. Click on the "Child"
  9. Answer the questionnaire and click "Next"
  10. Click the blue box "ADD MORE PROGRAMS" if you are registering for another program for that child or another child. Repeat steps 3-9 until completed.
  11. When you have completed adding programs, enter your promo code (if applicable):
    1. DSS/Financial Assistance Code: CITP20
    2. Second Child Discounts will be added by the camp office
  12. Click "Pay" and proceed to registration fee payment


Please feel free to contact your branch with any questions.