A Message from our Board of Directors

(This message was also recently shared via a letter to the editor on syracuse.com.)

Our Board of Directors wanted to take a moment to reaffirm their support for our Y's principles and the direction we are heading: fully embracing all dimensions of diversity on our journey to become an anti-racist, multicultural organization.

Recently, they, along with our staff leadership, have received some messages from our membership questioning our operations and HR policies. These messages have contained language with racist overtones and perpetuate certain conspiracy theories.  

The nature of these messages were such that our Board felt compelled to discuss them at length, concluding that “we must act to stem the toxicity that this kind of false and destructive messaging can spread. To turn a blind eye would be to accept [such] statements as having some merit, leaving our staff and our members to feel less safe and welcomed at the Y, and undermining the work of our mission.” As a result, at least one membership has been temporarily suspended.  

It is our hope that all our members, staff, and volunteers, whether they have belonged for many years, or just joined yesterday, will be familiar with our core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility and know that we are here to serve all. We will continue to employ highly qualified people that reflect our Central New York community and invite all to join us, both on our staff team and as members. Thank you all for your support of our Y and community!