Black History Month 2024

Honor. Reflect. Celebrate. Black History Month

As we celebrate Black History Month, we are excited to uplift and share more about Black history and leadership within our community through celebrations, food, stories, and more. Join us throughout February and beyond!

Monday 2/19
Day of Unity - Wear Red, Yellow, or Green
The colors of the Pan-African flag hold significance:
Red stands for the blood uniting all black people around the world and that has been lost to enslavement, colonization and systemic violence, black honors black skin and indicates strength, and green represents the abundance of Africa's vegetation.

Tuesday 2/20
Support Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)
Wear colors to support any HBCU, especially your alma mater if you're a graduate!

Thursday 2/22
Sticker Day
We will be sharing stickers at each of our branches with messages of inspiration!

Friday 2/23
Join us in solidarity with the Y's African American Resource Network for We Wear Black Day on February 23rd. We are all better when we commemorate the renaissance, resistance, and rejoicing that makes the African American experience unique.

Friday 3/1
Downtown Writers Center Event
Poet January Gill O'Neil


(schedule in progress!)

Hal Welsh East Area Family branch

  • One Stop Shop LLC-  2/12, 11a-3 pm
  • Lady D’s Afrocentric Experience-   2/14,  11a-4p 
  • Accessorize TO A T- 2/15, 12-4pm 
  • Pudding Queen-  2/16,11a-4p 
  • Bling King- 2/19, 11a-2 p   
  • Trois Filles Scentual Scents- 2/23, 11a-2p.

Downtown branch

  • Super Salads-   2/12, 2/16 & 2/19, 11a-4pm 
  • Lady D’s Afrocentric Experience-   2/15 & 2/16, 11a-4p

Northwest Family branch

  • One Stop Shop LLC-  2/19, 11a-3p 
  • Pudding Queen- 2/19 & 2/20, 11a-4p

Southwest branch

  • Trois Filles Scentual Scents- 2/16, 11a-2p. 
  • Balla Cooks- 2/19 , 1-4pm
  • Pudding Queen-  2/21 & 2/22, 11a-4p

North Area Family branch

  • Trois Filles Scentual Scents-    2/22, 11a-2p. 
  • Pudding Queen-  2/23, 11a-4p 




Panel & Film Screening: NYS Celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 2024
Join New York State and the Central New York Hate and Bias Prevention Regional Council for a screening of the State’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Observance and panel discussion on the pillars of his work. Admission is free and refreshments will be served.
Featuring: Bishop H. Bernard Alex, Lekia Hill, Tamika Otis, Dr. Eunice D. Williams
Register Here


Tasting the Diaspora at Salt City Market Thursdays in February, 6-8pm

  • 2/8- Haiti w/ Chef Perpetuanna & Pascal + Jean Michel Lacour
  • 2/15 Central NY w/ Chef Venus Likulumbi & Kishi Ducre
  • 2/29- Liberia w/ Chef Naomi Cooper & Danielle Taana Smith

Black History Celebration at PSLA at Fowler High School
227 Magnolia Street, Syracuse, NY on February 15, 5-7pm   
Register here

  • Catered Soul food dinner, Performances & Presentations, Book Giveaways, History
  • Lessons and Community Resources.

Cultural Expo at 149 Beattie St
Saturday 2/24, 11a-4p

  • Vendors, Storytelling, Literature, Youth activities, Refreshments & More.